Boy Navy Rail Guard Set | Woodland Oak Collection

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Boy Navy Rail Guard Set | Woodland Oak Collection by New Arrivals Inc - Should Arrive in 7 to 10 Business Days!

The Boy Navy Rail Guard Set is the perfect option for bumperless designer baby boy bedding, will keep your little one from chewing on their crib. These unique Crib Rail Covers are padded for standard size cribs. The Woodland Oak Crib Rail Cover Set is a whimsical nature inspired theme in adorable teepees and trees. The Woodland Oak Crib Collection gives your little baby boy's nursery a true woodland touch. Let their adventure begin! Available as either a 2, 3 or 4 piece set or just the crib rail cover.

  • Crib Rail Cover Dimensions:  51” long by 11” deep.  
  • Short Side Crib Rail Cover Dimensions: 27" Long by 11" Deep.
  • (Short Crib Rail Covers come in a set of 2)
  • Crib Skirt drop length is 17".
  • Crib Blanket is 36" by 36".

Crib Rail Covers are the perfect alternative to baby crib bumpers. These soft crib rail guards protect baby from getting harmful toxins, splinters and teething on their crib, while preventing damage to their nursery crib. With our amazing collection of crib rail protectors from New Arrivals Inc, you're sure to fine the perfect crib protector for your baby boy or baby girl. Whether your looking for a shabby chic inspired crib rail cover or a tribal inspired crib teething guard you'll be covered!

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