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Fox and Finch Crib Bumper - Limited Edition - from The Little Acorn - Arrives Within 5 to 7 Business Days!

Looking for unique, adorable Baby Crib Bumpers? You're sure to fine just the right bumper for your little one! Our crib baby bumpers come in trendy, hip prints, patterns, solids... If looking for a bumper to coordinate with the Fox and Finch Bedding Collection, the Fox and Finch crib bumper works great with characters from their adorable story, hand-painted into little scenes by Bridget Kelly, then translated into a sweet French Toile style print on white percale for one side of this charming bumper, with our grey Fox Dot on the reverse. Four individual bumper pieces allow for customized inside/outside print placement in the crib as well as removal of the outside bumper piece when placing in toddler transitional bed to soften wood bars.

  • Fox and the Finch print one side - reverse is grey/white fox dot print.
  • All bumper pieces have 2 ties on all corners and at center of each long bumper sides to safely secure bumper to the crib or toddler transition bed.
  • Short sides; 11" x 27" Long sides; 11" x 52"
  • 100 % pure cotton bumper covers with zippers for removable hypoallergenic polyester inserts for easy wash.
  • The Little Acorn bumpers come in 4 separate pieces that allow for customized placement, as well as use in the toddler transitional bed.
  • Remove bumper when baby can sit up unaided, or can pull to a standing position (6–10 months).
  • For Transitional Toddler beds: When front of crib is removed for use of toddler transition bed, bumper can be used again to provide warmth and plush protection when only 3 bumper sides are needed.

The Little Acorn was started by designer Bridget Kelly who designed for several brand names. Based out of San Francisco, Bridget in 2010 decided to create her own baby and kids decor line to create products that are handcrafted using only top quality materials. The Little Acorn products are fun, lively inspired characters along with bright colors, these bedding and accessories will bring happiness and joy to their special surroundings.



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