Blanche's Donuts Women's Bamboo Pajamas

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Should Arrive in 7 to 10 Days


Blanche's Donuts Women's Bamboo Pajamas

Meet our brand-new Women’s Pajamas! 

Finally, the whole family can match in style and comfort with our ultra-soft and ecofriendly bamboo fabric donut pajamas in some of your favorite Peregrine prints.

No need to be jealous of your little one’s PKW pajamas- treat yourself, mama! 

  • Our signature bamboo fabric that makes you feel like dancing around the house singing showtunes. 
  • Two generous front pockets on the pants for holding crayons, love notes, Cheerios, and other “treasures”- life is better with pockets on pjs. 
  • Classic button-down styling-cute enough to wear to brunch! 
  • Oversized shirt pocket designed for your phone- FINALLY!