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About BluTaylor®

BluTaylor®, founded in the summer of 2014, didn’t start as anything flashy. It simply started as the solution to a new mom’s frustration with infant hats on her tiny newborn baby. Our Patented & Pending designs are lightweight and comfortable. They provide coverage for their delicate ears while staying up out of their eyes. BluTaylor® is first and foremost a Missional business. We donate mini-versions to current Preemies and Micro-Preemies all around the U.S. We call this our BT Preemie Program. You can contact your local BluTaylor® retailer for more information or simply submit your Preemie information at Does a premature baby need a mini-BluTaylor® hat? Maybe not, but the families do. They need that moment of normality, that moment to laugh, to swoon, to get a gift and feel blessed. We want to help provide a moment of Hope in the midst of it all. If you would like to join with us to celebrate BluTaylor® Preemies and their homecomings, follow @ShopBluTaylor on all social media platforms. Every BluTaylor® hat is hand-sewn, with care to detail and every detail has a purpose. If you’ve noticed, starting August 2015, BluTaylor® has begun using signature BLUE thread in every hat regardless of the material. This symbolizes the HOPE that runs through every hat we make. It’s more than just a hat, it’s Tailor-Made Hope, or simply BluTaylor®.


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