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About Britts. Bows

I’m Brittany the owner of BRITTs. BOWs, a baby headband + hair accessories business. The story of BRITTs. BOWs began during the pregnancy of my little girl Crosby. Somehow I didn't realize the potential of an adorable bow on my first baby girl, but you can bet I made the change to #allthingsbows by the time my second baby girl came around. Somehow a bow on your baby girl can just make all the difference in her outfit and makes me as a mom feel more put together than I honestly am. Let's be honest, life as a mom is truly just yoga pants and messy buns. So having a business that helps to make mom's lives easier and feel more put together just made sense. Oh and every single photo I get of those little ladies with bows just makes it all worth it. Thank you for your business, even though you are just supporting a small business you are making a BIG difference in our lives.


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