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They are only kids once, let them dress like it. To say that I was born to be in the fashion and design world is an understatement. It is in my blood, my DNA, my soul. It is as much who I am as what I do… and it is that part of me that is my pride, pleasure, and passion to share with the world. Let me explain… Fashion has been a part of my life long before I even knew what fashion was. As young as I can remember, dressing up in my mom’s clothes was more fun than wearing mine. Fashion magazines were my comic books and clothes were my crayons. Brands interested me, trends intrigued me, and vintage fascinated me. Fortunately, my family understood this obsession as they, too, were connected to fashion in one way or another. My grandmother was a talented dressmaker and passed those skills to my mom. They both had the gift of being able to see a dress in their heads, then make it. When she was a teenager, my mom was already making her own clothes so she could wear exactly what she wanted. In my youth, she would take me to the fabric stores so I could look through pattern books and fabrics. I loved when she would make us matching skirts for the holidays, and even then, I dreamed of someday making dresses of my own designs.

Lucky Jade

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