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About Mini Scout

Mini Scout started in early 2017 because we saw a need for swaddling blankets that encompassed comfort while also challenging repetitious patterns. Your child is not ordinary and they shouldn't be subject to boring, standard issue anything! We are excited to introduce to you our line of revolutionary swaddling blankets. Traditional baby blankets are all too often confined to powder blue and pastel pink. We find that just doesn't reflect the sensibilities or passions of the modern parent or the growing child. We want to encourage you, and your child, to image all the possibilities of color, design, and texture and then explore them with a sense of childlike curiosity. We want your family to be adventurous in all things and want you to help your child expand that inquisitiveness as they grow up and follow in your footsteps. We don't have to tell you that having a soft swaddling blanket is essential to every little one. We just happen to believe that having a sense of style is also essential and makes the experience of growing up that much more fun. Everything you put in front of your child can inspire, spark, and engage them so go ahead and start with their essentials.

Mini Scout

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