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I started Ruth + Dot as a new mom in 2015. As I made the transition from not being a parent to being pregnant I found myself picking up a new (old) hobby - sewing. And, of course, with a new babe on the way my favorite thing to sew was anything baby related. Creating my baby registry left me in a dilemma, I wanted cute baby items that fit in with the rest of my home and could grow with my child throughout the years. I sought out to find the trendiest and timeless prints I could find to make my creations. I've always been an entrepreuner at heart - my first business was when I was 4 years old. My godparents got me an "artist" set for Christmas and I went to work creating drawings and trying to sell them to family members. Since then I've almost always held a business of some type! Naturally, this little hobby slowly transitioned into a business that has evolved over time. So who are Ruth + Dot? They are my late grandmother's! I couldn't think of a better name for this business than after two of the hardest working woman I know! My Grandma Ruth was known for her quilting and making blankets. At the time of her death she had 34 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren and she hand quilted a baby blanket for each and every one of them! I'd like to think I'm carrying on that tradition by providing quality blankets for your babes! My Grandma Dorothy, on the other hand, was a small business owner and was known for her work ethic and being fashionable! 

Ruth + Dot

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