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About Sweet Peas Co 

Sweet Peas head wraps are the new alternative to the uncomfortable hair bows that leave marks on our baby’s head. A recently laid off mom, with a 4 month old in hand, decided she needed to create something lightweight, trendy and comfortable that would't leave marks on her baby's head, would add some girly to her daughter since she had no hair and of course some trend. Sweet Peas are being worn by some of the most influential baby's like Khloe Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, Shay Micthell daughters'. Sweet Peas turbans are perfect for summer days to protect your baby’s head from those sun rays, perfect to keep warm during those cooler days and perfect coverage for any cradle cap your newborn may be experiencing. Not only are our head wraps trendy and modern, but we are also saving parent’s the stress and money they are spending on those tight and uncomfortable hair bows. Sweet Peas head wraps are hand sewn and hand tied by moms. No need for complicated directions on how to tie yourself, we do the work for you prior, where all you have to do is slip it on! Made from the most comfortable and lightweight material, we are sure your little Sweet Peas will keep these on and not even feel them there. Best part, for every purchase made, a head wrap is donated to a Sweet Pea with cancer. We want all our customers to feel and be in the modern trend with our head wraps. Not only will you and your Sweet Pea be in the modern trend but you're also adding a smile to a person in need.