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About Gunner and Lux

Riley loved to play dress up, accessorize, and find fashion inspiration at a very young age. During the summer of 2015, when Riley was just 5 years old she decided to use the vintage jewelry her dad John had collected for her to create her very first necklace. She learned how to use pliers, tweezers, and tie knots as she developed her own line of colorful, whimsical accessories. Riley and John worked on these necklaces together after dinner each night. Soon, Riley began selling her individual charms at her summer lemonade stand, then on her website, and before they both knew it…their jewelry was being sold in stores all around the world. Together, Riley and John have created something truly unique. Today, they hope their story and their designs inspire and bring smiles to those who START COLLECTING.

Gunner and Lux

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