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About Sophie la Girafe

Sophie is hand-made in France with two simple ingredients, 100% natural rubber and then painted with food-grade dye. You know exactly what you’re giving your baby when you give them a Sophie. Even after more than 55 years, Sophie la Girafe hasn’t aged in the slightest. Since her birth in 1961, Sophie has sold over 50 million units, and continues to be the undisputed star for babies around the world. With widespread popularity, she still is genuinely loved by parent and child alike. Sophie’s simple wonder has traveled from generation to generation, and will remain your child’s timeless friend. Detail is important to us. From our natural rubber material, design, user experience, and even introducing more eco-friendly packaging, we strive to make Sophie the obvious choice for your baby. – 100% all-natural rubber and food-grade dye - European Standard of Safety - BPA and Phylate Free.

Sophie la Girafe

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